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At noon on Saturday, May 9th, Ann and Ali set sail towards the UK en route to Auroville on the Skyelark of London. The 7 person crew will be at sea for 4 weeks, at which point Ann and Ali will continue on to Auroville via air. Depending on the winds, they should arrive in Auroville on June 20th. Around that time I will rejoin them and follow their work in Sadhana Forest other areas of Auroville. Please make sure you subscribe for film updates from http://www.CityofDawn.com so you can follow along. New trailers based on this weeks filming should be posted soon. Stay tuned.


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Filming continues this week, through May 9th, in Nelson’s Harbor in Antigua for the documentary film “Journey to the City of Dawn – Auroville, India”. Ann and Ali set sail on the 9th across the Atlantic. New trailers will be posted soon so please visit http://www.CityofDawn.com and make sure you sign up for film updates so you can check out the latest trailers. Again, thanks for your interest and support. I hope everyone can help, even a little bit, by visiting http://www.der.org/donate/#journey and making a small donation to help make this film a reality.

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