At noon on Saturday, May 9th, Ann and Ali set sail towards the UK en route to Auroville on the Skyelark of London. The 7 person crew will be at sea for 4 weeks, at which point Ann and Ali will continue on to Auroville via air. Depending on the winds, they should arrive in Auroville on June 20th. Around that time I will rejoin them and follow their work in Sadhana Forest other areas of Auroville. Please make sure you subscribe for film updates from http://www.CityofDawn.com so you can follow along. New trailers based on this weeks filming should be posted soon. Stay tuned.


Filming continues this week, through May 9th, in Nelson’s Harbor in Antigua for the documentary film “Journey to the City of Dawn – Auroville, India”. Ann and Ali set sail on the 9th across the Atlantic. New trailers will be posted soon so please visit http://www.CityofDawn.com and make sure you sign up for film updates so you can check out the latest trailers. Again, thanks for your interest and support. I hope everyone can help, even a little bit, by visiting http://www.der.org/donate/#journey and making a small donation to help make this film a reality.

DER.org, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is the fiscal sponsor for our documentary. This allows for tax deductible donations to be made online, directly from the website listed below. We are still seeking finishing funds to cover expenses on this self funded documentary and any amount will go a long ways to making our goal of releasing the film by the end of 2009. Please consider ANY donation today. It is greatly appreciated.

DONATE ONLINE at http://www.der.org/donate/#journey

I’ve submitted the storyline of Ann and Ali’s journey across the Atlantic to reach Auroville to the producers at Oprah. What a great story. Two young women in the US leaving everything and everyone they know behind to pursue their dreams and aspirations for continued education. We’ll see what happens.

There are just 2 weeks to go until I leave for Boston and Antigua to film Ann and Ali’s journey to Auroville. I have the easy part, it’s Ann and Ali who will be at sea for 5 weeks as part of the small crew. I’m looking forward to being on board for a few day sails out of Antigua but cannot image what lies ahead for 5 weeks surrounded by nothing but ocean. In addition to my documentary, this adventure across the ocean will be profiled to school children by the organization Reach the World (www.reachtheworld.org). You can also find out about Ann and Ali at their own website, http://www.alternativegradschool.org/index.html.

I would be doing a disservice to the film if I didn’t mention that I am in need of funding to continue production. This film, which will attempt to show how being green is more than just a catch phrase, needs your kind donations to offset travel and expenses. Any gift is appreciated, and tax deductible. You can give online at http://www.der.org/donate/#journey

Production began in February 2008, coinciding with Auroville’s 40th anniversary celebration. In May of 2009 filming commences with the story of two young women from the US who will sail across the Atlantic to reach Auroville. Plesae see the website for the film at http://www.CityofDawn.com and view previews at http://www.DocumentaryTV.com. Stay tuned to this blog – more is on the way.